If you buy the FluxStore Pro app, please follow the steps below to build with the demo Opencart website and your own Opencart website (single vendor). If not buy it, please skip.

You can subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel, like, and press the bell icon to get notifications for free instructional videos.

Opencart Open source 3.x https://www.opencart.com
Demo website http://opencart-demo.mstore.io
Medium Blog https://medium.com/@inspireui
Youtube Channel https://youtube.com/inspireui
Demo or more info Fluxstore Pro

1. Getting started

Please make sure you have finished the Getting Started guide before go to next section.

When installing, if you get issue, please go to Common Questions or Common Issues to find the solutions.

2. Test default demo website

After download and unzip the source code package, you works with **the project folder source **.

Test the Opencart demo: the demo is integrated with http://opencart-demo.mstore.io

  • Override the content of lib/example/opencart/config.json into lib/config/config_en.json
  • Override the content of lib/example/opencart/config.dart into lib/common/config.dart

3. Integrate with your Opencart website

Step 1: Setup Opencart API

Install Mstore Api extension included in the source code package (as picture below). Open admin panel, then click Extensions->Installer and upload mstore.ocmod.zip


Video guide: you can subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel, like, and press the bell icon to get notifications for free instructional videos.

⚠️ Note: If you are setting the site as local, make sure it is the local IP address or the virtual host, and it can be reached from the simulator.

Step 2: Setup Fluxstore

After configurating your website with above plugins, it's time to connect it with the Fluxstore app.

Open lib/common/config.dart and change the url from serverConfig section to your own website which has the API set:

const serverConfig = {
     "type": "opencart",
     "url": "http://opencart-demo.mstore.io"

Open lib/config/config_en.json. Under the HorizonLayout is the setting to display the homepage layout, replace the category with your own category ID (this ID can get when editting from the category in admin site):

"HorizonLayout": [
      "layout": "bannerImage",
      "isSlider": true,
      "items": [
          "category": 21,
          "image": "https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1459805/59846818-12672e80-938b-11e9-8184-5f7bfe66f1a2.png",
          "padding": 15.0
          "category": 23,
          "image": "https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1459805/60091575-1f12ca80-976f-11e9-962c-bdccff60d143.png",
          "padding": 15.0

Video guide to setup the Payment:

4. Config product options

The app will work like magic to support the Product Options from Opencart. Those following types are supported at the current release.

Allowed Types support from Opencart:


Opencart Admin Setting for Product Options:


5. Next step

After integrating with your website successfully, you can customize your app as below. If no need, just skip them and go to publish.



Publish to App store or Google play: change app icon, name, bundle ID, delivery.