Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get the full source code package and also the free Wordpress plugins (if the product require to connect via Rest API)

Yes, as this is made by React Native framework which support to release for both iOS and Android

Yes, you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming, please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for new version update on stores.

Basically the main difference is the Tools that we use to build the product, the features will be the same for both version, but the Pro version is more flexiblity to add more native library through XCode (iOS) and Android Studio. The Expo version is not include the ios & android folder but you can easier to upgrade the React Native and take advancetage from Expo SDK. For more information please refer to

Both apps are support for Listing Directory business and most of the features are the same, ListPro is only support the ListingPro template, and ListApp are support for following templates: Listable, MyListing and Listify (these wordpress template is sold separately and from other Authors)