Compatible with: all FluxStore apps
License required: all licenses.
Product version: +1.1.0

This section shows you the way to deliver your app to Apple Store (iOS), update your app name, app icon, bundle id (package name).

1. Update app's information

You absolutely can use Android Studio to update the app's information and create the APK & IPA files:

1. Change the app name

  • Open ios/Runner/Info.plist and replace "Fluxstore" string with your App Name (for FluxNews app, replace "Fluxnews").
  • Make sure to clean up the cache by running the following script to clean the previous cache.
    flutter clean
    flutter build ios
⚠️ Please don’t update the name directly from XCode - could cause the build issue.

2. Change the app Bundle ID (package name)

  • Open XCode and replace the Bundle Identifier with your own bundle ID, as the following screenshot -
  • Get a more detailed document, go to this guide Register a Bundle ID
  • Update the OneSignal Extension Bundle ID: your-bundle-id**.onesignal** (It should be the same name as the app bundle Id+onesignal at the end), screenshot:

    Example: If your app bundle id is: com.something.mstore Then onesignal bundle ID should be: com.something.mstore.onesignal

3. Change the app Icon

Replace your own icon file assets/images/app_icon.png Run this script to generate the app icon for both iOS and Android: (To run flutter pub - you need to install flutter from the terminal - pls check

flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main


2. Release App to Apple Store

Precondition: run the script flutter build ios  before open XCode to Archive the app to prevent future build error (example missing Bitcode, exception error on ios...)
Video guide: 


Manual guide: Release for iOS

For more information about the FluxStore app demo, go to our release on the Apple Store
This is our quick review within 20 minutes to get approval when publishing the FluxStore to Apple. Hope you can get the same result after using the amazing FluxStore app ❤️ 🥳



3. Common Release Issues

1. Bit code exception from Xcode when running the Archive

Solution: please make sure they run the flutter build ios before opening XCode. If there is no error during the flutter build, then your ios project is ready to go live by select Archive on Xcode.

2. No account for team RPM000xx or the provisioning profiles issues

Solution: In order to release to Appstore or build the app to test on your real device, purchase of a Developer Account is required. Then you need to enable the "Automatically manage signing" or both Runner and OneSignal Target. The Team should be linked to your own Apple Account.

3. Build version mismatch from OneSignal

Solution: As the app is supported by Onesignal, please make sure to keep the Build version and number be the same as the main Target Runner. For example, if the version of the main project is 1.8.1 and build 3001, then the OneSignalNotificatinoServiceExtension should be the same as the below screenshot:

If you would like to remove the Onesignal completely, please refer to this guide.

4. Apple asks to remove Facebook SDK or to update app privacy

When publishing to Apple Store, if you declare that your app does not collect any data, Apple will ask you to remove Facebook SDK. You can update your app register policy in Apple, or remove Facebook SDK following this guide. 
Try to remove the Facebook Login and the Audience Network library by checking the related files:

Or you can go to your app's App Privacy section on App Store Connect then edit the collected data types as below: