This section guides to install the Flutter environment. You can subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel, like, and press the bell icon to get notifications for free instructional videos.

When installing, if you get issue, please go to Common Questions or Common Issues to find the solutions.

1. Basic Flutter Setup

Step 1. Install the Editor

Choose an operating system where you are installing Flutter:

Mac OS:



Setup an editor:

Step 2. Run example "Test drive"

This section describes how to create a new Example Flutter app, run it, and experience “hot reload” after you get started to use to the Fluxstore app. Please note this section is just make sure your have setup all libraries ready before using the product.

Select your development tool of choice for writing, building, and running Flutter apps.

The below steps use for the Android Studio development tool:

Create the Example app

  1. Open the IDE and select Start a new Flutter project.
  2. Select Flutter Application as the project type. Then click Next.
  3. Verify the Flutter SDK path specifies the SDK’s location (select Install SDK… if the text field is blank).
  4. Enter a project name (for example, myapp). Then click Next.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Wait for Android Studio to install the SDK and create the project.

Tip: The code for your app is in lib/main.dart. For a high-level description of what each code block does, see the comments at the top of that file.

Video guide:

Run the Example app

  1. Locate the main Android Studio toolbar: Main IntelliJ toolbar
  2. In the target selector, select an Android device for running the app. If none are listed as available, select Tools> Android > AVD Manager and create one there. For details, see Managing AVDs.
  3. Click the run icon in the toolbar, or invoke the menu item Run > Run.

After the app build completes, you’ll see the starter app on your device.

Starter app on iOS

Try hot reload

Flutter offers a fast development cycle with Stateful Hot Reload, the ability to reload the code of a live running app without restarting or losing app state. Make a change to app source, tell your IDE or command-line tool that you want to hot reload, and see the change in your simulator, emulator, or device.

  1. Open lib/main.dart.

  2. Change the string

    'You have pushed the button this many times'


    'You have clicked the button this many times'

    Important: Do not stop your app. Let your app run.

  3. Save your changes: invoke Save All, or click Hot Reload offline_bolt.

You’ll see the updated string in the running app almost immediately. Congratulation, let get start to install the Fluxstore from the download package.

2. Next step

Go to the next section below to install the app with demo website and your own website.

Note: When installing, if you get issue, please go to Common Questions to see the list of common issues and solutions to fix it.