Basic question during installing the app that you could meet and also provide some solution to fix the installing issues. If these answer could not be, raise new ticket to

Can I release the app to both iOS and Android?

Yes, as this is made by React Native framework which upport to release for both iOS and Android, please discover more the framework from

Does it include full source code package and easy to customize ?

Yes, you will get the full source code package and also the free Wordpress plugins, it is not required technical or development skills to use as easy to installing by using the Expo tools (

Will i get the free upgrade on next comming version ?

Yes you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming, please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for new version update on stores.

My Android simulator not run with Expo ?

First make you you can open the Android simulator successful by using Genymotion, then selec the Lan option from Expo XDE config and run the project from Device button

Resolve issue "Could not connect to development server" ?

First, make sure your have run "yarn install" or "npm install" to create the node_modules folder

Then, try the press the Restart button from Expo and Ctrl+R (Window) or Command+R (MacOS) to reload the project on simulator. We will able to see the Building Javascript at bottom of the simulator.

Fix "CFBundleIdentifier", Does Not Exist" ?

Root cause: missing React library or facebookSDK

Step 1: run: yarn setup (only for Mac OS, on window you should run yarn install)

Step 2: Openbeostore.xcworkspaceselect Product/Schema/Edit Schema, then click + button to find React and add it to top of the list, make sure the Parallelize Build is uncheck and the React should be on top


(Other solution is select the React from the list and click build again)


Installing Android simulator with Genymotion and creating new VM could cause the issue with the sound driver and it's could not be started?


The images could not be recognized when building on real device.

Solution: you should generate the Bundle JS file, run following

react-native bundle --minify --entry-file index.ios.js --platform ios --dev false --bundle-output .\/ios\/main.jsbundle --assets-dest .\/ios

The SDK directory **/Users/minh/Library/Android/sdk** does not exist

Solution: This could be fixed by changing the sdk.dir to your Android SDK folder, on Window this could be deleted and it will auto generated.


Missing Facebook library (on Mac)

Solution: Download the SDK and unzip the archive to ~/Documents/FacebookSDK