First please refer to this quick installing video guide:

1. Requirements

  • Node.js >= 8
  • MongoDB >= 3.2

2. Run Application

npm start

Also, you can run application with PM2 and watch for modifications.

  1. Install PM2 globally
npm install pm2 -g
  1. Run application
pm2 start process.json

Open http://localhost:3000 to see your store. Dashboard - http://localhost:3000/admin API - http://localhost:3001

You can use following script for set up the product, the common use is yarn start and yarn build

npm run <script> Description
clean:admin Delete admin asset bundles.
clean:store Delete store asset bundles.
compile:dev Compiles the application to disk and watch (~/dist by default).
compile Compiles the application to disk (~/dist by default).
webpack:admin:dev Assemble admin bundles and watch.
webpack:store:dev Assemble store bundles and watch.
webpack:admin:prod Assemble admin bundles.
webpack:store:prod Assemble store bundles.
theme:install Install theme from /public/.zip
theme:export Zip current theme to /public/.zip
theme:copy Compile theme and copy assets to /public/
theme:build:dev Refresh theme after modification and watch.
theme:build:prod Refresh theme after modification.
build:dev Compile and assemble bundles and watch.
build Compile and assemble bundles.
start Start node server.

3. Configuration

By default MongoDB connection string is mongodb://

Change it with environment variables

DB_PORT=27017 \
DB_NAME=shop \
DB_USER=user \
DB_PASS=password \
# or SET a DB_URL with mongodb connection string(
npm start

4. Preparing Database

This script will:

  • test MongoDB connection
  • add default data from /mongodb_bk folder
  • create basic indexes
npm run setup

5. Manage the Product

After successful setup on step 1 then you can able to login to the admin dashboard to manage the products, select Product menu form the right side bar


The Click the + button on correct top-right to create new product


6. General Settings

Go to Left menu side, select Setting and update the detail config from the side menu, example change teh default Currency from the General setting: