• src/templates/app.js: main app demo structure, you can manage the customization Favorites, searching, setting...
  • src/templates/audible/: template for audible UI
  • src/templates/buzzfeed/: template for buzzfeed UI
  • src/templates/googlenews/: template for googlenews UI
  • src/templates/kitchenstory/: template for kitchenstory UI
  • src/templates/medium/: template for medium UI
  • src/templates/nike/: template for nike UI
  • src/templates/nytimes/: template for nytimes UI
  • src/templates/playbook/: template for playbook UI
  • src/templates/resaurant/: template for resaurant UI
  • src/templates/ted/: template for ted UI
  • src/navigation/AppNavigator.js: main config for app navigation
  • src/navigation/Tabbar.js: the bottom tabbar navigation config
  • src/navigation/Tabbaricon.js: config for the app icon


  • src/redux/index.js: the root file for redux to config the root, search or wishlist storage
  • src/redux/configStore.js: main file to config the Redux store


  • src/config/template.js: mock data to control the visible of the template from the main demo app


  • src/assets/images/: static images for the demo app.
  • src/assets/fonts/: static fonts for the demo app.