This section guide how to setup the new payment gateway

The great feature from the Mstore app is it support varies of payment gateway (+90% kind of Payment services).

Since Mstore 3.4, the app is default support to process the payment same as on the website, but you are able to control the list of payment gateway and icon from src/common/config.js. Please make sure its should be match with the payment from your website config.

step 3: Config image for the Payment Gateway
- Only the image list here will be shown on the app but it should match with the key id from the WooCommerce Website config
- It's flexible way to control list of your payment as well
Ex. if you would like to show only cod then just put one cod image in the list

Payments: {
bacs: require('@images/payment_logo/PayPal.png'),
cod: require('@images/payment_logo/cash_on_delivery.png'),
paypal: require('@images/payment_logo/PayPal.png'),
stripe: require('@images/payment_logo/stripe.png'),

Example: Razorpay payment gateway install video