This section could make confusion for beginer or who is not familar with the React Native framework, please keep patient if the config does not work

Step 1 - install required library

Install following requisite libraries

  1. NodeJS: it requires to install nodejs 10.x in this link
  2. iOS simulator (Mac OS): Install Xcode through the Apple App Store.
  3. Android simulator: Download Genymotion (free version) and follow the Genymotion installation guide.
  4. Expo cli:

Test your Example project

Open the terminal on Mac OS or command line on Window and run below script

expo init

expo dev tools shot

For more information about the install please refer to this document:

Step 2 - run the app

Extract the download package and go top project folder (where locate the package.json file), run following script

yarn install // (please make sure you have installed
yarn start
  1. If the installing successful then you can see the node_modules folder was created after finish the script, and the brower open the Expo Tools.
  2. To run the app on Android OS, please make sure the Simulator is open first.
  3. On iOS you can able to run this quick installing script: yarn setup