• Mapping redesign and support search by using Google API - screenshot: https://shrtm.nu/53Iz
  • Integrate with Admob & Facebook Ads


  • Ability to create new Listing
  • Support Multi language & Language picker


  • Mapping
  • Chat feature: the End user could able to chat with the Listing owner
  • Social Login
  • WP user login
  • My booking with Calendar
  • Firebase integration
  • Flexible Homepage UI config
  • Menetization and Advertising: by Facebook ADs and AdMob
  • Crash report (via Sentry)
  • Nearest locatino on Map
  • Support Rating and Comment
  • New Searching filters
  • Push notification (Firbase or OneSignal)
  • React navigation 2.0 is support
  • Redesign Ling Detail more sexy
  • Chat features is support (via Firebase)
  • Onboarding screen (support Lotties)
  • Control the visibility Booking and Chating feature via Config