v1.4.0- 18 Sep

  1. Breaking change update for performance speed up 3x.
  2. Redesign the Listing Detail more sexy (image gallery is easier to navigate and can be zoom in/out, actions buttons is moved to the bottom, chat and booking can be config, performance is speed up...)
  3. Chat feature is now support, the end user could easy to chat with the Listing owner
  4. Improve performance on the map page
  5. Add animate onboading that support lottie files
  6. Add Pull to refresh on homepage
  7. Many bug fixed and minor tuning up.
  8. Fixed most of crashing issues, but if you can find out any crashing please report us
  9. No need to update the Wordpress plugins on this version.
  10. Update latest libraries (React Native, Expo 30.0), please update the expo-cli (https://blog.expo.io/expo-sdk-30-0-0-is-now-available-e64d8b1db2a7)
  11. New documents is coming soon...(we are migration new document hosting out from gitbook to S3 storage and add more detail guideline)

v1.3.2 – 10 Aug

  1. New multi language is support, include RTL language.
  2. Support Booking Feature for MyListing template
  3. Add new Language picker to support multi language config
  4. Fixed the search default categories image is empty
  5. Fixed empty categories image from the Search screen
  6. Fixed mapping issues
  7. Fixed ListApp manager plugins issues
  8. Update latest libraries (React Native, Expo...)

v1.3.0 – 29 May

  1. Filter features: Ability to search by filter with Tag, regions, event, keywords (on Map and Searching page). Update ListApp Manager to support new searching & filtering.
  2. Fix raw HTML content issues
  3. Ability to update color background on boarding by config file
  4. Upgrade react-navigation 2.0 with performance improvement
  5. Fixed some issues on Android that cause crashing
  6. Minors bug fix and UX improvements.
  7. Add Push notification via Firebase + Expo.
  8. IMPORTANT: nearest location will be update on this release as well (on map view)

v1.2.0 – 18 April

  1. New Wordpress Plugin support easier to config - https://github.com/inspireui/listapp-manager (please make sure to disable the previous plugin)
  2. New search items on Map
  3. New search default page
  4. Update the app API to get dynamic loading via ListApp Manager
  5. New profile page
  6. Crash report support - integrate with Sentry
  7. UX/performance improvement and bug fixed.
  8. Add build script: yarn setup (Mac OS only)
  9. Update document guide

v1.1.3 – 05 March

  1. Fixed crash issue when show photo galeries
  2. Add new Customize document

v1.1.2 – 04 March

  1. Fixed Bundle issues and build on iOS
  2. Add video installing guide: https://youtu.be/EQwss-d2I08
  3. Update plugins rest-api-listapp
  4. Update getting start document
  5. Fixed missing image slideshow
  6. Minor bugs fix and performance improve

v1.1.0 – 02 March

  1. Integrate with Listify, added demo website: http://listify.inspireui.com
  2. Integrate with MyListing, added demo website: http://mylisting.inspireui.com
  3. Fix Android build issue
  4. Fix Close button when view post detail
  5. Improve category page
  6. Minor bugs fix and performance improve

v1.0.0 – 28 – Feb

  • Release first version v.1