The powerful multi-language feature supports to change not only the UI but also the Products and Category content via WPML plugins (for WooCommerce version).


How to add a new language?

  1. Go to res/values/ the folder and copy the existing files to make a new one (you may see there are 3 languages demo from the app). Let’s take adding the new French (fr) Language for example, the format should be strings_fr.arb. We suggest using the Android Studio with Flutter i18 plugin when inputting new language to support auto-generate the WidgetsLocalizations filelib/generated/i18n.dart
  2. Create a new Language setting from the Profile screen by cloning new Card Widget fromscreens/language.dart (make sure to create a new language flag image and save to assets/images/country)


  1. Wordpress Plugins required On WooCommerce, to support for translating the product content (title, description..), it is required to install the following plugin:

    • WPML 3.4 or above
    • WPML String Translation 2.0 or above
    • WPML Translation Management 2.2 or above
    • WooCommerce Multilingual
    • WPML to WP API: this API will support to change the product/title/category base on the select language from WPML plugin
    • Detail document: click here

How to set a language as the default language?

Update the DefaultLanguage from lib/common/config.dart