This section will help you walk through the minimum required setup to run the project.

For easy to config the Wordpress site, you can download the site from, this was already config and install all plugin that use for the app, or if you have your existing website, you can following by below setting.

Wordpres Plugins install

  • JSON API: A RESTful API for WordPress, this plugin is used for only the registration feature (other request from the API we use default REST API from Wordpress site)
  • JSON API User: Extends the JSON API for RESTful user registration, authentication, password reset...
  • Better Rest API Featured Image: for some reason the image is not populate correctly so that need to install this plugin to support to show the image.
  • OneSignal Push Notifications (optional): push notify to the mobile app, or web using OneSignal dashboard admin. This feature is support on Pro version.

Enable Worpdress setting

Go to Common Setting, change the URL to Post name, this is required for the setting otherwise some images could not loading.

beonew 20

Membership registration:

Enable the option Anyone can register.

beonew 22

Enable Post a comment

beonew 21

And from the functions.php file (this could be added as the child function from your template) add following code:

function filter_rest_allow_anonymous_comments() {
    return true;

App config

Go the project folder, open the file: src/common/appConfig.json and follow 2 simple steps to setup the app:

  • Step 1: Change your Wordpress site URL
  • Step 2: Config the home UI layout