This section will help you walk through the minimum required setup to run the project.

Requisite setup

First, this is important, please make sure you have already install and run the simulator successful base on this guide -, it will help you install and build your first Example React Native app. If you start with the Expo project please select "Quick Start", and if you start with "Pro version" you should start with "Building Projects with Native Code"

Video Installing Guide

Note: Videos guide don't contain environment setup walkthrough. Read install instructions section below for more details.

Pro version installing guide

Expo version installing guide

Quick Install (Pro version)

BeoNews was built on React Native framework. To run the project, you need to install React Native, please back to "Requisite Setup" before go to this section

Extract the project source code to your workspace. Go to the root folder of the project folder

iOS setup (Mac OS only)

Open command prompt and run the following command, you can use for both Expo & Pro version:

yarn setup 
// yarn could be install via

Android setup

This is command prompt is used for Pro version

// Step 1:
yarn install
// yarn could be install via

// Step 2: open your simulator by using Genymotion or Android Studio
// Please see the detail setup from Requisite setup
// To check the Android device is ready or not, run: adb devices

// Step 3:
react-native run-android 

Quick Install (Expo version)

Extract the project source code to your workspace. Go to the root folder of the Expo version (mstore-expo)

Install Expo Tools

Download the latest version of Expo XDE from:

Or running following script:

npm install expo-cli -g

// go to the project folder and run
yarn install
yarn start